Sunday, March 6, 2011

3.6.2011 - KeeMyselfandi -Year In Review

Today is a very special Day. Exactly 1 year ago Saturday March 6, 2011 I began with my first Blog Post.

Today - Sunday, March 6, 2011 I celebrate a year of consistency despite the odds, obstacles, and circumstances.

Last year, on this date, I was in the stages of re-building my life from what seemed to be almost rock-bottom. Today, I stand so much futher than that previous date. And although I am not exactly where and how I'd envisioned this date - I am surely steps closer to the "me I envision in my mind and feel in my heart."

*I am currently re-enrolled in College and working to complete my remaining 6 courses to fulfill the requirements for obtaining my Associate's Degree in Business Administration.

*Working in a Creative Field as an Administrative Assistant at a Graphic Design Company of a very Close Friend whom has traveled and partnered almost entirely on my Creative Journey in Business.

*Completely Passionate about Building KeeMyselfandi as a BRAND.

My Year in Review: (I've done so many things that I looked forward to doing)

*Traveled by myself to Atlanta,GA on Recreation
*Returned to College to Complete my Degree
*Began networking again in the Entrepreneurship and Creative environments
*Found a new Position that I can Contribute to the Organization's Goals

I like to celebrate small accomplishments and have learned to never despise SMALL beginnings.


While I still have so much unreleased material, I found that it would be best to take a step back completely revamp the look of KeeMyselfandi and Relaunch with a Great Plan and the much needed Structure.

Here's to another year of Growth and Development!


P.S Below and Above are a few of my favorite Pics just from my few experiences with KeeMyselfand I thus far...