Monday, September 27, 2010

NEW Posts...Update

I apologize everyone for having so many Kee-less Posts. The recent Posts that you've been viewing are just videos that I've connected with that have struck a chord in me somehow and in some way in the past few months.

I am still working to complete my Feature with "Litewerk" and am tempted to release some Photos from the first film segment of our interview but, this time I really want to have a fully completed and scheduled release. I am aiming to do better than my first feature with Quantum Ark.

Each feature I release, I seek to get better and better and I think me being Present in my posts somehow helps you all to stick with and grow with me.

I'm going on a mini vacation soon so, I hope in this time, I can clear my mind and churn out or further prepare many of my archived posts.

There's so much going on in my life right now - great things and I can't wait and am looking forward to the right time to share it with you.

Litewerk's Mixtape "Back to Business" is scheduled to release this week - week of September 27, 2010, I sure am excited, they're excited...yay us lol. I'm hoping to begin issuing out their Feature Post between now and no later than sometime in November before I move on to my next project. Bare with us and thank you so much for your patience and loyalty.

I promise, pinky promise, that I will have other quality Posts for you between now and the month of November.

STAY TUNED...the Adventures of KeeMyselfandi Are Just BEGINNING.

With the Utmost Love,


Waka Flocka Flame: "No Hands" feat. Wale and Roscoe Dash

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hilarious... Elephant Man & Bounty Killa Spoof

For any of you who are familiar with these two artist, this should be fun-ny...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Litewerk... COMING SOON...

We're still working...Litewerk COMING SOON to

(Please, excuse the profanity)

Funny... Jay Z on David Letterman

Jay Z ft. Beyonce "Forever Young" @ Yankee Stadium

By far, this is the best video that I've seen of this performance at Yankee Stadium.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I've never seen anything like this.

Lady throws tantrum in McDonald's drive-through.

I'm surprised it took 3 people (and they still struggled) to even attempt to close the window.

Willow Smith: Whip My Hair

This track is all the new Rave & I like it A LOT.

You have people who don't like her and then people who simply LOVE her.

Congrats to Willow on this, her MATURITY and HONESTY at 9 years old, and also her signing to ROC Nation.

Ahhhhh this song is BOMB. I look forward to more music from her.

I wonder if there will be a video.

This particular You Tube Vid has been viewed 2,246,532 times.

The STATS are ridiculous on this vid.

Video for Trey Songz: Can't Be Friends

Beautiful background vocals and adlibs.

I appreciate the simplicity of this video.

WSHH Interview of Lauryn Hill

Kudos to Lauryn.

Birdman - Money To Blow ft. Lil Wayne, Drake

In short, I really like this video.

Drake's connection with the camera and dedication to learn grow and become better.

Baby's growth "he wasn't even a rapper!" plus he's fresh, ever so dope.

Wayne's talent.

Wow...I didn't even know it was Baby aka Birdman's song.

Friday, September 10, 2010

One Word: Dope!

(BTW Love Love Love her Boots in this pic - Amazing!)

Here is Solange Knowles shooting for Paris based Fashion magazine “FashIzBlack” as their September Cover Girl.

Thanks goes out to fellow relevant Blogger NecoleBitchie for remaining current, her blog is responsible for my being aware of this feature.

Make sure to check out and the September 2010 issue of FashizBlack Magazine w/ Solange Knowles and her entire spread, it will be Available this Sunday on September 12.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

One Word ---Whoa!

Soulja Boy's "Speakers Going Hammer"

Saturday, September 4, 2010

One of My New Favorites...

Artist: Miguel ft. J.Cole
Song: All I Want is You

I'd love to know the Storyline behind the Treatment for this video.