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NEW VIDEO | Popcaan "Party Shot"

One of my favorite Artists...

This video just premiered today at 9:30PM.

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COMING SOON | Interview w/ DO WORK Enterprises Artist - "The King of Swag" - Key Swag 3000

Stay Tuned... DO WORK Enterprises Artist Key Swag 3000 will answer a few important questions.

I'm excited to hear what he'll have to say after his recent appearance on 106 & Park [February 1].

In the meantime, check out his NEW video "POOF" and some footage from his 106 & Park appearance!!!

Vote it onto the 106 & Park Countdown by Texting "KEY" to 79922!!!

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Certainly he's a Great Artist!

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

REVIEW | "Inside Da G" a book on Relationships w/ Trevor "Flip" Robinson

One day while scrolling my Timelines on Facebook and Twitter, I discovered that “Flip” oh wait no, sorry, [for some of you who aren’t familiar with him yet] I discovered that Trevor “Flip” Robinson or QueenzFlip had written and independently published a book. Now, this struck my interest for several reasons:

1. Flip is someone that I’ve been acquainted with for some odd 5 years [we met in my Scrilla event coordinating/party promotion days] – I was genuinely interested in what he’d have to say in this book [almost regardless of topic].
2. For me, Flip's name is synonymous – wait, backtrack again lol Can I break it down? When thinking of a person, I usually can have ‘1 Word’ pop into my mind that either describes that person, is strongly related to something that person does - is known for, or generally describes them as a person or an aspect of their personality. So, for me, when I think “Flip”, my brain jogs momentarily, the next word presented [almost simultaneously] in the process would be – Music. I think “Flip” – I think Music – [Hip Hop/Pop Artist]. So now, in light of his artistry, I DEFINITELY wanted to know what he’d say in this “stepping out of the BOX” moment.
3. It’s a book on Relationships! Believe it or not, I’m single, yeah lol, I said it – “I’m Singleeeee” [Wayne voice lol] and I often think about relationships, what helps them go right and what helps them go wrong – for whenever that future relationship occurs. Somehow I knew that Flip would have much to say, that I’d be able to understand, and from that point, I was sold on purchasing a copy of his Debut title “Inside Da G – A book on relationships.”

[Flip’s Music? It’s 100% YouTube-able. Some I’d recommend? His: Sidekick Anthem, Martin Lawrence, Lock In, and Chicken Noodle Soup (Official and Queenz Mix versions – one of which had over 2,000,000 views!)]

***Most Importantly, Flip’s Book can be purchased at***

Okay, now let’s get into it…

Inside Da G was a quick read. I finished reading the book in a very short time span. This was not a book I wanted to put down, it was more like a “had to put down” in order to sleep or attend to other things – otherwise I could've READ cover to cover in 2-3 days.

I laughed and I learned reading this book. The Chapter titles and tone of the book kept me laughing non-stop. I couldn't resist the shock from seeing Chapter titles such as “How Not to Care What People Think” – “Jerks and Why They Achieve More” – and my favorite straightforward one “Getting Over Someone Who Don’t Love You.” There were several times I had to rest the book down before continuing to read, as I was often overcome with laughter. If you’ve ever sat down and spoken to Flip, watched one of his YouTube videos, or heard him speak – you will quickly notice that the book was written closely to his natural form of speech – this element, in my opinion, definitely aided in making the book even more humorous and enjoyable.

Next? He provided insight into some of the common relationship blunders/dilemmas we experience and divulged some helpful information, that otherwise, may be difficult to extract in casual conversation or heated debate with members of the opposite sex. In his book, Flip also lends valuable info that can help to smooth over elements of your current relationship mishaps and shortcomings.

My favorite topics and areas in his book covered: Insecurities, Confidence, Being Clingy, and Facades.

One of my favorite eye opening lines from the book? “If you’re not going to take the time to really get to know someone, you should not try to pursue a relationship point blank.” I am a strong believer in that there point…strong – strong! Can’t be friends? Then, we have NO [ZERO] potential AT ALL – Because after the Sex – then What? OH. Okay. Lol

What I would absolutely love to see NEXT? A Revised, Expanded, Edited version. That version has so much POTENTIAL. This version offered up some SOLID content that can easily be expanded upon.

Now, of course I’d give you MORE but, I’d much rather you READ and SEE. Certainly, I could give you numerous excerpts from the book but, it’s a Good Read. With over 1300 copies sold independently in two months, Flip is WORKING steady on his Debut Author Grind – And I’m extremely proud of him. He’s got personal book deliveries, speaking engagements, and managing at the helm of his FunHouse Enterprise under his belt. I can’t wait to see more.

Oh, almost forgot, here’s a treat! A Q&A straight from the source w/ Me [Kee Chisolm or KeeMyselfandi ;)] and QueenzFlip – No misunderstandings here.

1. K: Of the many topics you could have chosen to author your first book, why relationships?

FLIP: I started dating very young (I love the ladies - lol) and I've had lots of experiences both good and bad. As I got older I saw the impact that relationships had on me and the G's around me so I decided to write a book about it. I hope that by reading my experiences I will help other young G’s like me.

2. K: I absolutely admire the fact that your mom "Marie Delus" became involved in the project. How did she become involved in the book as a co-creator? What were some of her roles?

FLIP: I decided to write a book on relationships, and once I wrote my pages, I decided to ask my Mom to review it for editing purposes. As she started to read the book, she called me and suggested some additional ideas for the book. I went back and wrote a few more pages and then my Mom organized the book chapters and the overall set up of the book.

As a result of her work, I gave her the title co-creator where in reality her role was more like organizer. Either title she was a big help and I appreciate all she has contributed to the book.

3. K: How do you feel you've grown as a result of writing your first book? What do you see different now?

FLIP: In writing the book I was able to see my faults in my many relationships more clearly. It also helped me see the repeat signs that will lead me to another relationship. Recognizing the signs helps me avoid past mistakes. The difference I see in myself is patience and my ability to control my temper more in a relationship. I still have a lot to learn but, I am learning.

K: Separate from learning about yourself in your relationships, was writing a book an accomplishment? Did it help you to see different things about yourself in a professional arena?

FLIP: Yes, as I previously stated, writing my book was a personal accomplishment because it gave me a deeper insight into my past relationships. It also made me realize that I have another passion besides music. For years, I focused my energy in being QueenzFlip, Hip Hop/Pop Artist. My career means everything to me and I worked hard and continue to work hard on my craft. In writing my book, I realized my love for words is more than using them with music and even though I love my music and being an Artist, I also love being a writer.

4. K: As an author, what's next?

FLIP: As an author, I want to sell my book, of course (lol) and to make it available to all the young people - younger than me. I hope by reading my book it will help them to not make the same mistakes I did. …What’s next? I would like to also continue to give seminars on the subject and eventually write another book.

5. K: What is the day to day journey marketing and selling your book like - speaking engagements etc? Fill us in.

FLIP: I am self-published, so I finished my entire project independently. My team promotes the book on Facebook, Twitter various Blogs and through word of mouth.

The book can be purchased online via: Just search the title of the book.

I also have a supply of my books that I autograph and personally deliver to my customers.

K: On Facebook and Twitter, we see you Tweet and Post about attending speaking engagements and seminars involving your book. Can you tell us a bit about those? What are they like?

FLIP: Attending a seminar is nerve wrecking but I must say, once you get up there on stage and you speak in front of those people, the nervousness turns into encouragement and that’s when I become inspirational. Once I start, I just zone out into another world. Then the standing ovation comes, then I’m happy, or even if two people clap, I would be happy. Just to have people listen to a 24 year old man and actually want to learn from me is enough.

K: One more question, the seminars, I’m a bit curious, Were they at a high school, a church? Was it a seminar on relationships at a High School? Have you been featured on any News channels? NY1?

FLIP: The seminars, they were at colleges - one in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and another one here in New York as well. How I got the seminar is a student would refer me after reading my book. And I haven't been featured on any News Channels yet. NY1 wants an interview, but we haven't finalized certain things as yet.

K: Perfect. Thank you! Good answers.

I hope you all enjoyed this Review w/ QueenzFlip – I definitely enjoyed the process!! -Kee

Friday, December 23, 2011

STAY TUNED: Review on Trevor "Flip" Robinson's book on Relationships "Inside Da G"

Coming Soon...

A Review on Flip's Debut title "Inside Da G - a book on Relationships."

This was worth the Read!

-Kee of KeeMyselfandi

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Diggy - Life Of The JetSetter: Tour Edition [Trailer]

The NEW:

All Roads from this Point on lead to

I've finally reached a point of developing my own Domain and look forward to sharing what's on the way!

Although I am transitioning to my domain, I imagine I'll be keeping this BlogSpot for learning purposes (Coding, editing, behind the scenes, journaling etc.), so it's still safe to tune in here.

I also look forward to coming across other great blogs that have a unique edge with a unique vantage point to offer.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Review of "Rochdale Village's 1st Annual College & Career Fair"

FDNY Representing at Rochdale Village's 1st Annual College and Career Fair

It wouldn't be right if I didn't begin by saying "Thank you" to Derek Watt for reaching out to involve me in this event. I am glad that I got to be involved as not only an attendee but, as someone who got a chance to document it.

Okay, here we go:

The Status of this Event = A Success

On Saturday April 16, 2011 - I had a chance to attend and document Rochdale Village's 1st Annual College & Career Fair

For Rochdale's 1st Annual College & Career Fair the coordinators have done an excellent job.

[Below are thoughts that ran through my mind as I observed what occurred at the event and thought about the college and education process in life]

First & Foremost, I genuinely enjoy arriving at an event during setup as it gives me a chance to see how things will develop.

The Fair was unique and definitely something our community was in need of, a sort of, bringing the College & Career Prep environment home.

I'm not sure if many parents and/or family members take the time out to attend events like these with their children, as events such as this one are prime opportunities for you to learn the necessary requirements for preparing for and applying to college - these are very important events.

I do understand that sometimes circumstances don't permit for involvement but, I also cannot stress the importance of being involved in your children's education process.

Yes, education and preparing for Higher Education is a process that requires information, dedication, and Hard Work but, this process, is one that can pay off both professionally and personally for both you and your children. Education can definitely be a Business but, with involvement, you can turn it into a win-win deal.

Academic success throughout Elementary, Junior High, and High School can help increase your child's chances of attending the College or University that they most wanted to attend. And in those cases when students weren't able to do their best, there is still hope. You can always learn of what is required in the College process, apply yourself and then achieve.

Each stage of education plays a major part in the next part of education. Elementary - the bare bones minimal in learning. Intermediate - (Junior High) The Challenge/Acquiring skills that aid in your future education. Secondary - (High School) Honing these recently acquired skills to develop them and also learning the basics and importance of personal responsibility for your academic success.

If those three stages in education can be completed successfully then that is 1/3 of the battle won - ofcourse there's always the Financial part, and the know how in deciphering the entire college application process and scoring well on tests.

But, enough of that for now...Let's get to the pictures of Rochdale Village's 1st Annual College & Career Fair...

Some of what you will see are pictures of the setup, key coordinators of the event, our youth and family members interacting at the event, and just an overall view of what we experienced firsthand at the Fair.


-Kee Chisolm

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