Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Review of "Rochdale Village's 1st Annual College & Career Fair"

FDNY Representing at Rochdale Village's 1st Annual College and Career Fair

It wouldn't be right if I didn't begin by saying "Thank you" to Derek Watt for reaching out to involve me in this event. I am glad that I got to be involved as not only an attendee but, as someone who got a chance to document it.

Okay, here we go:

The Status of this Event = A Success

On Saturday April 16, 2011 - I had a chance to attend and document Rochdale Village's 1st Annual College & Career Fair

For Rochdale's 1st Annual College & Career Fair the coordinators have done an excellent job.

[Below are thoughts that ran through my mind as I observed what occurred at the event and thought about the college and education process in life]

First & Foremost, I genuinely enjoy arriving at an event during setup as it gives me a chance to see how things will develop.

The Fair was unique and definitely something our community was in need of, a sort of, bringing the College & Career Prep environment home.

I'm not sure if many parents and/or family members take the time out to attend events like these with their children, as events such as this one are prime opportunities for you to learn the necessary requirements for preparing for and applying to college - these are very important events.

I do understand that sometimes circumstances don't permit for involvement but, I also cannot stress the importance of being involved in your children's education process.

Yes, education and preparing for Higher Education is a process that requires information, dedication, and Hard Work but, this process, is one that can pay off both professionally and personally for both you and your children. Education can definitely be a Business but, with involvement, you can turn it into a win-win deal.

Academic success throughout Elementary, Junior High, and High School can help increase your child's chances of attending the College or University that they most wanted to attend. And in those cases when students weren't able to do their best, there is still hope. You can always learn of what is required in the College process, apply yourself and then achieve.

Each stage of education plays a major part in the next part of education. Elementary - the bare bones minimal in learning. Intermediate - (Junior High) The Challenge/Acquiring skills that aid in your future education. Secondary - (High School) Honing these recently acquired skills to develop them and also learning the basics and importance of personal responsibility for your academic success.

If those three stages in education can be completed successfully then that is 1/3 of the battle won - ofcourse there's always the Financial part, and the know how in deciphering the entire college application process and scoring well on tests.

But, enough of that for now...Let's get to the pictures of Rochdale Village's 1st Annual College & Career Fair...

Some of what you will see are pictures of the setup, key coordinators of the event, our youth and family members interacting at the event, and just an overall view of what we experienced firsthand at the Fair.


-Kee Chisolm

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  1. The Resource Committee planned and coordinated the College and Career Fair. The committee was chaired by Timothy Mercer, former Board of Director and co-chair Latisha S. Christensen, former resident of Rochdale Village. Mr. Watt, also a former resident of Rochdale was the overseer of marketing and was the paid caterer for the event. The committee would also like to acknowledge former Board of Director, Kamal Saleem for his contributions to the event. We appreciate the mention Ms. Chisolm. - Latisha S. Christensen