Monday, September 27, 2010

NEW Posts...Update

I apologize everyone for having so many Kee-less Posts. The recent Posts that you've been viewing are just videos that I've connected with that have struck a chord in me somehow and in some way in the past few months.

I am still working to complete my Feature with "Litewerk" and am tempted to release some Photos from the first film segment of our interview but, this time I really want to have a fully completed and scheduled release. I am aiming to do better than my first feature with Quantum Ark.

Each feature I release, I seek to get better and better and I think me being Present in my posts somehow helps you all to stick with and grow with me.

I'm going on a mini vacation soon so, I hope in this time, I can clear my mind and churn out or further prepare many of my archived posts.

There's so much going on in my life right now - great things and I can't wait and am looking forward to the right time to share it with you.

Litewerk's Mixtape "Back to Business" is scheduled to release this week - week of September 27, 2010, I sure am excited, they're excited...yay us lol. I'm hoping to begin issuing out their Feature Post between now and no later than sometime in November before I move on to my next project. Bare with us and thank you so much for your patience and loyalty.

I promise, pinky promise, that I will have other quality Posts for you between now and the month of November.

STAY TUNED...the Adventures of KeeMyselfandi Are Just BEGINNING.

With the Utmost Love,


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