Saturday, June 26, 2010

They're Coming...Are you Ready???

For... L-I-T-E-W-E-R-K

DISCLAIMER: (Pardon ze' Profanity)

Litewerk: They Ain't Ready

Yung Hitz: "Diddy Bop, Hell nah, I don't dance...I'm too fresh, and I ain't tryn to wrinkle my pants"

Pretty P: "Buyin' you a drink, cuz you lookin like a Model. I don't buy cups so, I drink it out the Bottle."

Money Mix: "Guess who's back? The man of the Muhf***in' Hour! We make it Rain, while these N****s make it Shower."

KZ: "N****s Ain't ready, Yall tell by they faces."

STAY TUNED FOR More From Litewerk...

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