Saturday, March 6, 2010

I forgot, so...

Oh yea, I forgot how much I enjoyed typing blog like posts, I remember having a blog like function on my MySpace page of yesterdays, lol. But since we're here again, let me introduce you to two of my biggest inspirations, I think you might already know them. Meet - Beyonce lol and Syreeta Gates.

Beyonce embodies so many facets of a strong and accomplished woman. In a lot of ways, her success has helped me to chisel out my dreams.

One of the most outstanding things about her, and if you can understand this, you've got a great piece of the pie - She took one thing - Singing, became great, and then effectively capitalized on additional opportunities when presented, all due her because of her stardom in artistry.

Beyonce along with many of my friends who have found their "one thing" have helped me to define my vision - for example, I will now name one individual that I know personally - when I think of Syreeta Gates, I simultaneously think "Public Service" and "SWT - Service We Trust" and concurrently ""

Thanks goes out to Syreeta Gates of whom I've know for all but 5 years. I've watched her develop into this phenomenal iconic individual and she is not only responsible for my inspiration but I'm sure of hundreds if not thousands of others.

Recently, on a recreational day in Brooklyn, I've come across two public service project murals that she took major responsibility in creating - prior to that day I'd only seen them in pictures, on that day I hadn't even planned to see them but had come across them on my journey. Greatness begins there...

Remember greatness can start with one specialty - Michael Jordan: Basketball, Syreeta Gates: Public Service, Michael Jackson: Music, Emeril Lagasse: Cooking, Suze Orman: Financial Advice

What's your one thing? Don't know? Take some time. Figure it out. You'll be glad you did. True success starts there.

Oh, My One thing...Writing & Business.


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  1. Very inspirational, Kiwi!!! I'll definitely be checking up on this. You've got yourself a loyal follower so keep up the good work.