Friday, March 12, 2010

Is Lil Wayne Really Gone this Time?

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After two odd delays, Lil Wayne was finally processed into Rikers Island in New York to begin a one-year prison sentence. The multiplatnum-selling artist pleaded guilty to gun possession in October 2009 in exchange for a 12-month prison sentence that could be reduced with good behavior.

Initially scheduled to be sentenced on Feb. 9, Lil Wayne was allowed to reschedule his sentencing to undergo eight root canals. He received several more days of freedom after a fire shut down the courthouse on March 2. Before turning himself in on Monday, March 8, Lil Wayne recorded dozens of songs, filmed 20 videos, joined Twitter, joked around on Ustream and threw two going away parties.

Hundreds of fans showed up at the Manhattan courthouse where Lil Wayne was sentenced to bid him farewell. One die-hard fan showed off an eye-catching tatttoo of Lil Wayne's image that covered the right side of her abdomen. –a.r.

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  1. I don't wish Jail on no man, but it's about time! And like the saying goes "you do the crime, you do the time" And let's be honest it's not gonna be so bad for Weezy F. Baby, his commissary is stacked as I type; plus his album is almost gold. I'll be surprised if he does 8 months, soon the blog will be "Welcome home Weezy!!"lol