Friday, May 7, 2010


While I don't do the Hip Hop thing too much - mainly because of it's lyrical content, I do recognize and applaud Progress.

These group of Fellas' I have been acquainted with for more than a few years...Since 2006

I am happy to say they are still pursuing their DREAMS and have taken it Steps further than Simply Recording. Their recent Progress Includes this Radio Interview which you can view below.

I have yet to attend one of their recent shows but do intend to...

And plan maybe even to do a FEATURE with them in the Future.

Keep it up Guys! I'm proud of YOU ALL!

Here's a preview of the Litewerk Family's PROGRESS...

LIVE with @LitewerkYung, @LitewerkKZ, & @LitewerkPretty & @LitewerkMix

@LitewerkMix Arrives...

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