Sunday, May 30, 2010

UDPATE ::: KeeMyselfandi

Dear Readers,

I miss POSTING quality UPDATES for you all.

There's so much material that I'd like to Post but am having technical difficulties with my main computer which contains my Files.

I thank you for visiting and hope that you continue to visit me.

I'd like to get my April Recap of events out to you and also I have a NEW feature scheduled to film soon with "Kamille" of MsBossSociety - You can check her out at Her Site Store is Scheduled to Open on Tuesday June 1, 2010 so Definitely Stay Tuned for that.

Managing this Blog has been such an Adventure. I've had times of Wild Anxiety thinking of Wardrobe, hair, make-up, scheduling, travel, questions, editing, photos etc etc etc. I can not begin to tell you the amount of questions that have ran through my head in anticipation of the interviews I wanted to do and events I wanted to attend; maybe at some point, I'll be able to accurately tell that story, and what a good story it is. In a way I'm kind of happy the pace has slowed down a Whole Lot, I'm becoming one with me and my thoughts again not in constant thought of the next phone call email or decision that needs to be made. I like Peace.

My thoughts, well my words, are playing Hide and Seek right now - So I'm not sure how much they will let me communicate with you right now BUT I just definitely wanted to check in with you all and let you know what was up with the Updates and lack of Substance Filled Updates at that. May was pretty much a "Musical Month" for me. If a song happened to inspire me for some reason or a video had recently been released that I've anticipated then I'd post it, in hope that you'd appreciate it too. I hope you liked it. Annnnnndddd I definitely AGAIN want to say thank you :) I appreciate every single one of you, for without you :( I'd have no one to communicate with. Hopefully you all will grow with me :) Ideally I'd like to make such a Success that I can transition it into - I'd love that. I'd love to meet some of you all too at some point - I know many of you are talented and I'd love to Collaborate on Projects and learn from you. I'm sensing you ALL are some really great people out there :) YES you! :)

Well let me not Type your eye balls out because writing and talking is what I do lol.

Hang in there Guys. I'm pacing myself - Longevity is the goal and I'll be updating as soon as I can. Thank you for your patience and loyalty.



P.S. If any of you are going through anything patiently endure, fight it out, it'll be okay, I know I know, it's tough. But - (sigh) I can't explain the reason for it and I know it hurts bad BUT endure. You've got what it takes and if you need or want to you can email me at - Keep pushing.

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