Saturday, May 8, 2010

I LOVE MY LIFE...It's TIME 2 BURY DA BEEF!!! ***Summit/Concert***

In wake of the many Violent incidents that have taken place in OUR Community - I have chosen join Forces with Community Activist & Youth Leader Erica Ford,LIFE CAMP, and Their I LOVE MY LIFE - BURY DA BEEF Campaign to Help Stop The Violence in OUR COMMUNITY.

Statistically the violence is not something easy to come to terms with. Nor is it Simple to come to terms with when you've lost some one that inspired you to Gun Violence. I lost one of my elementary School Mates to Gun violence. His name "Darion" - He had recently obtained a college degree, bought a new Car, was working out - getting his physique in even better shape (all inspirational) and then one Summer Night at a BBQ - A violent incident resulted in his death.

I feel sensitive as I type this, as I remember having to Rush to and from his Funeral one morning before work. It was Surely not an easy morning or day as I'll miss him forever. No more brief greetings in the elevator, no more inspiring moments when I see him Drive through my Circle in Rochdale in his White Dodge Charger. That's all gone, all gone because of a senseless moment of Violence.

I CHOOSE to allow my loss and my LOVE for my Community to PROPEL me to DO MORE and Aid and Assist in the Building up of others. I am HERE to Serve. I have thus fund-raised for the I LOVE MY LIFE/BURY DA BEEF Campaign, Tweeted/FaceBook Posted, and now a Blog Post in Support of Raising Awareness about Stopping the Violence.

Please SUPPORT us and the I LOVE MY LIFE/BURY THE BEEF Campaign by making a Donation at (If you know me Personally, you can also contact me, and I can personally accept your donation to the Organization).

You can also Support By Purchasing a $5 Advance Ticket and attending Our I LOVE MY LIFE-BURY DA BEEF Summit/Concert that will take Place on Saturday May 15, 2010 in Brooklyn at Boys & Girls High School or Sunday May 16, 2010 at Springfield Gardens High School.

Please enjoy the Song that I've Posted Above. It's called "Twitter Dat" there's a great variety of talent to experience on this song - DJ GMoney, T-Mack, Kyah Baby, India B, and Mr. Cheeks!

You can also review further detailed information about the Summit/Concert by Clicking on the flyer Posted Above.

With Our Betterment in Mind,


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