Friday, May 7, 2010

COMMERCIAL***Do You "Understand Me"????

Ladies tell me do you Understand Him? Fellas' do you Understand Him??? Meet Litewerk Yung of the Southside, Queens Litewerk Family...

This is an artist that I've known of for about 5 years and his Hip Hop artistry has always stuck with me. I'd hear an R&B song & simultaneously his lyrics would play in my head causing me to say to myself "Wow he's completely rubbed his Hip Hop lyrics on this song into my head. Or in rare cases gee I sure could hear him on this track."

One of my favorite things about him is his ability to do HOT "Covers" or "Remixes" of current popular songs. His love for R&B serves Him some of my favorite Remixes of his are "R&B remixes" - One Current, his "Invented Sex" remix that may or may not be featured on his forthcoming mixtape.

So tell me...Do you Understand Him? Litewerkyung that is...

More about Litewerkyung...

He’s a breath of Fresh Air “Yung Hitz” hailing straight from Southside, Queens. What speaks most for HIM apart for the fact that He’s Eye Candy and Extremely Photogenic - His Work Ethic. He understands the importance of work ethic in this here Music Business – He’s willing to put in the Work.

Meet Yung Hitz and the LiteWerk718 family as they usher in “A New Generation of Music.”

What inspires Him? People who made something out of NOTHING. Just as HIS work ethic will take Him from many Studios in Southside, Queens to your local TV screen Airing Straight from your laptop’s MySpace, You Tube, or another performance near you.

He’s currently unsigned but is working on a Great Situation with shows, radio interviews, You Tube videos and studio time to Prove it.

His Creativity and talent is worth the investment as he’s currently developing himself as an Artist and Brand. His work ethic makes your job easier. He’s on Him.

Yung Hitz quote “Some artists are Artists and Others are Stars” Yung Hitz - a Star.

He never had a Plan B, failing is NOT an option.

You say Thank You he says “You’re Welcome” Mixtape Coming Soon… -KMI


[Check out the Studio Preview of "Invented Sex Remix"...]

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