Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Unreleased and NEWS from the Quantum Ark Segment...

Please be advised that as I began closing this Segment I received news that Chris now known as MiLove = Music.I.Love is no longer Working with Quantum Ark due to Business Purposes.

I imagine you can see how shocking that news must've been to me. It definitely wasn't the easiest news to digest mid-closure. I personally want to thank MiLove for Allowing me to close out this Segment properly.

Business for me and "KeeMyselfandi" will continue as usual. The post will remain and close out as scheduled. Whew...Troubleshooting at best. Thank you to all Co-operative parties.

I will continue to follow Lucky and "Quantum Ark" on His Success Journey with music/clothing & MiLove on his Journey with clothing line "Space Planet" and Music as MiLove.

At the end of the day Success is Success. I wish them both the Best in all that they pursue.

We were all able to capture a Successful Moment in time.

And for that...I am Thankful! Now let's get on with the Unreleased Pics. ;)

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