Wednesday, May 5, 2010

KeeMyselfandi THANKS Quantum Ark...For Stopping By & Being my First Feature!

In all Honesty my nerves kicked me all the way to the morning of the interview, gave me a break on the way to Soho, and then returned to bother me some more while filming the intro of the interview. (Intro...which only made the cut in Audio)

Toward, the wrap of the interview, I began to feel "in my element" and a sense of confidence emerged saying Yes! I can do this!

I had an excellent time with Lucky and Chris (Chris who is NOW MiLove = Music.I.Love) in Soho that day.

Above, Below, Around, and in the next Post you will see a few shots from the day of the interview, beach shoot, and a day in the studio with Lucky that I hadn't released. I've got more in the Archive of the Studio Session so um...Stay Tuned...It might pop up on this here Blog at some point in time - Still working on an Undisclosed Project.

I want to THANK Lucky & Chris for working with me on my 1st FEATURE and an Amazing Day in Soho filming and taking photos - A great learning experience.


QuantumArk Lucky KeeMyselfandi Drop & Studio Session from Kee Chisolm on Vimeo.

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